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Film, TV And Radio

Throughout my career I have worked as a television presenter; specialist advisor to various production companies; an actress; and of course - PinUp, Performer and Paranormal Investigator!

Here are some examples of my oeuvre, showing my range of abilities in addition to my photographic and written pieces: p>Television
- Text2Date; Presenter.© KittieKlaw.com
- Babe Station; Presenter.
- XXX Television; Fetish Advisor.
- Channel 4; 'Come Dine with Me'. Striptease Act- BBC Scotland; 'The Psychic Detectives' X-S series; Feb 2004.
- Geigen Rakugo Force; comedy sketch show pilot.
- Discovery Channel; Canada. ESP experimenter.
- Channel 4; "Ban This Filth". Striptease Act.
- Foreign Television; Various Interviews given for Events coverage.

- The Fred MacAulay Show. BBC Radio Scotland.
- The Gary Robertson Show. BBC Radio Scotland

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