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Kittie's Profile

My quick measurements are 32-22-32, but I know that you want to find out a little bit more ;o).

Bust: 32” (30 E brassiere size)© KittieKlaw.com

Waist: 22” (can be cinched to 18” and still breath “comfortably”)
Hips: 32”

Loves: Bettie Page. David Lynch. Information/controversy. Germans. Music and general hilarity. Snakes, cats, dogs and weasles.
Hates: Ignorance. The NORM. Back stabbers. I find Barber-Shop Quartets creepy.

Expertise: Ten years Classical Ballet training. Performing professionally from age 11 (the Scottish Ballet Company); dances en pointe and has choreography experience in many genres having performed around the UK, Europe and the Caribbean; and has been successfull directing and managing various stage shows and burlesque clubs.

Ten years modelling experience (I have been modelling for camera clubs since childhood!) and now specialises in a variety of genres including fashion, beauty and erotica art.

Graduated with a Psychology BSc. (Hons); The University of Glasgow, 2003 – and then went on to spend a year researching Extra Sensory Perception as post graduate student at the University of Edinburgh.

An experienced Paranormal Investigator with a wide knowledge of anomalous experience and belief systems.

Experienced television presenter and freelance journalist.

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