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I regularly appear on a plethora of web domains and have appeared time and time again in many magazines, newspapers, and e-bulletins spanning the world of Burlesque, Erotica and Fashion. My work is regularly on display at expos and exhibitions. Here are some examples: © KittieKlaw.com

- John Dietrich’s work in Print and on line
- Courtesan Magazine

Magazine Covers
- Bite Me - 2001, photograph by Ritchard Cantwell
- Bite Me - 2004, photograph by R. B. Cockburn

Magazine Features, Exclusives, Interviews and Spreads
- Bite Me Magazine
- Desire Magazine
- The Erotic Review
- H&E Magazine
- Penthouse UK
- Skin Two Magazine

- MUSE, Fine Art. The art of Ray Leaning. (2004)

- “The Sexy Vamp” subject of “Sex and the Dark City” exhibition - the work of Mauro Marlon Beretta; Italian Cultural Centre, Milan.
- The Guild of Erotic Artists, EROTICA, SKIN TWO Expo.

Written Publications
- Erotic Review. “Coming out of the closet – Victorian Spiritualism and the Vaudeville Striptease”, 2004.
- Erotic Review. “Queen Hatshepsut, King of the Nile”, 2004.

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