Cable Girls by Toby Amies

A good days worth of dragging Electra round an abandoned factory. Hilarious! The theory came from 1950's advertising pastiche to our usual digression into obscurity and spanking. Ah, well..

Kinky Girls by Keith Packer
Once again, Electra and I were out with bondage tape..... You'd be forgiven for thinking that we have no social lives! - we do, it's just that it often involves bondage in someway... sooner or later.

Blue Latex Catsuit by Gary Silver
The blue rubber catsuit from Libidex was the first item I wore for Gary's lense. I was the hottest summer ever in a hot Brighton studio and the catsuit was peeling itself right off!

Vaudeville Nudes by Gary Silver
Going retro wih the Art Deco period in mind, these images were our attempt to celebrate natural curves and the vaudeville era of saucy decadence.

Bathtime by Randy B. Cockburn

This was shot in my student flat in Edinburgh - note the flaky wall paint! It was a very personal shoot and he bathing was genuine. It was a real "caught in the act" situation.

Hussy by Doralba Picerno
Doralba and I were just messing about with corsets and things, and we seem to have photographs... strange how these things happen!

Cuffs by Dave Davies
Taken at Erotica Manchester with Bound2Impress cuffs and collar... Dave and I attracted quite a crowd of spectators as we experimented with varying angles of me falling over!

Maison Du Burlesque by Emma Delves-Broughton
In our first ever shoot together, we spent a day in this beauifull house of antiques and curiposities. The themes of burlesque and the exotic were enhanced with my tassels, feathered fans and Emma's keen eye for detail and sex appeal.

Bondage Tape by Keith Packer
A typical Saturday evening in. Electra Cute and I got cheeky and out came the bondage tape...

Leopard Lingerie Bondage by Dave Simpson
Bettie Page influenced (hence the undies)..... this was quite a horny shoot as I felt really comfortable with Dave and his rope work was so soft and gentle in touch yet firm and commanding. Well worth a go girls!

Bondage With Electra by Dave Simpson
Dave spent a weekend with me shooting various scenes, including this one with the industrial strength Electra (ooops! i mean industrial strength tape!).

Lingerie by Peter Hall
A cheeky little striptease.... he concentrated on my butt for a bit too, was nice to feel appreciated from behind! (get it, get it? ...)

Bettie Page Tribute by Becky Randall
This was the first shoot that the lovely Bex and I did together - we are both nuts about Bettie and spent a weekend with cider and rock music recreating some Page classics.

Initiation Of The Slave Girl by Ken Smith
I adore snakes, and when Ken offered to let me play with his... I couldn't resist. In the end, Electra and I did a cheesy little Egyptian style scenario where Ken could give his lens a good work out. It was all very spontaneous!

Black Lingerie Tease by Keith Packer
Keith wanted to experiment with PinUp girls and so who better to ask than... me?! ;)

Kittie At Home by Circe
The lovely Circe came around one afternoon for tea before hopping back to NYC. It was a lovely intimate shoot with her - actually, I think I quite fancy her! :) hee heee heeeeeeeee.

Bored In The Bedroom by Toby Amies
Bored lesbian housewives. It was a bit confusing who was in charge here - but Toby seemed to enjoy himself!

Lingerie And Flowers by Keith Packer
Simple ideas in his session with a sofa and some flowers. It was nice to shoot on a comfy seat and play with different body shapes and poses. Keith is really nice and easy going man to work with too, so this shoot was a pleasure as always!

Cat Burglar Bondage by Dave Simpson
This scenario was shot shorly after I had dragged poor Dave around Edinburgh Castle in the p*ssing rain. I guess I had it coming! ;)

Nurses Kittie And Electra by Gary Silver
OUCH! OOOHHH! Nurse Electra! Medical Mayhem and a wee it of girlie-girl action...

Chaise Longue by George Wright
A tabloid photographer was sent to shoot me.... George was thrilled as he had been wanting to experiment with Bettie Page style for ages but no noisepaper was interested! Ha! We played the roles of "sleazy photographer" and "dumb model" - Yeah baby, GRRRRRRR!. Much amusement.

Pillow Fight With Electra by Dave Simpson
More bedroom bondage with that naughy pussycat Electra Cute! Well, I guess pillow fights and sleep-overs don't always end as well as planned.

Cheeky Monroe by Gary Silver
I had the blonde wig and some ducktape handy, so it seemed the natural thing to do - a kinky Marilyn Monroe style session - the cat (Charlie) was incidental and probably the fluffiest cat alive. This was a very intimate shoot as the room was mirrored which showed up all my lumps, bumps and insecurities!

PinUp by Becky Randall
More girl photographer experiments with Kittiegirl! bit of this, bit of that... lots of light play here too. Was all rather erotic...heee hee heeee...

Chinese Red by Peter Hall
A very warm and sleepy day in London this was, the shoot was so relaxed and experimental. Sometimes, the random lingerie you find at the bottom of your drawer can be hidden treasure.

Pinup 2 by Dave Davies
Portraits by Dave Davies. We had a spontaneous 1940's feel about this shoot but the cheeky nipplage gives me away!

Coffee, Cake & Kink by Dave Davies
London's only erotic art gallery/cafe ... a great environment to shoot in, have coffee or smear cake over the person next to you. The cups are acually as big as they appear - it is not an illusion people!

Red Catsuit Bondage by Dave Simpson
Bit like a bee with all this tape! I'm glad my bed was so comfy!

Council Estate by Jannica Honey
Janni and I finally met one grey afternoon afer months of missed calls! We were completely sporadic and spontaneous. The resulting combinaion of kinky attire and council housing works rather well... what a great girl that Janni is! "ammaah-zing" as she would say.

Red Knickers by Dave Davies
Some great butt shots here! It was another late night with Dave and he got his big lens out - ohhh, I say vicar!

Coyboys 'N Injuns by Gary Silver
Electra Cute and I spent a night at cat-lovin' biscuit eating Gary's and had such a laugh with the random props we kept happening across.

Robot Kit by Dave Simpson
Well ... you know how it is! Had to be done.

Brighton At Night by Petra Joy
The Srawberry Seductress (Petra) couldn't resist shooting yet more escapades in Brighton as a friend and I investigated various doorways by night!

Lingerie Bondage With Electra by Dave Simpson
This shoot was hilarious! - Dave tied the two of us at our elbows back to back and then asked us to wriggle together whilst moving around in a circle; of course we fell over. Dave rushed in to grab us before we hit the ground but alas, he was pinned to the floor under our weight and we all lay on the floor unable to move - a third party had to respond to our SOS yells! mwah ha ha haaaa...

Burlesque by Gary Silver
During my second visit to Gary and his notoriously fluffy cats's house, we shot some burlesque scenes where the juxtaposition of the ballet genre with the stripper's pole made for a lot of fun....ahemmmm cheeky!

Lolita by Peter Hall
The little naughty schoolgirl image is a timeless fetish look... i really must experiment more with it. Do send me your ideas and any props/attire that you reckon would make top of the class :)

Burlesque 2 by John Perkins
Electra and I were this young whippersnapper's first saucy muses. The very next day, I happened to be subject of tabloid scandal..hee hee heee - if only they had seen THESE pics...

Rubber Skirt by Peter Hall
A simple blue latex skirt. I love the way the rubber garments feel over my skin and the way they bounce the light right of your assets!

Devil Beatnik by Dave Davies
Very late one evening at Bex's house, Dave popped round for tea and scones....... well, we need to have a believable story .... it was one of those 1am ideas.

Shadows by Toby Amies
Moody and atmospheric. These images involved a lot of sentimental concentration from all of us. The shadows suggest to me the ever looming and lurking curiosities of the night-time and the two ladies alone on such lonely roads imply a kind of unspoken lust.... oooohhh arty!

Dirty Bombshells by Simon of Peekabou
Well, what can I say? it was one of those "lets get dirty" days. You know?

Soft Blue by Dave Davies
Yet another late night up with Dave and Becky! This shoot with Dave was really enjoyable as it was so personal and easy to shoot. I really like the simple colours and the soft lighting. Really reflects the tone of the evening.

Glasgow Hotel by George Wright
These were taken in a posh hotel in Glagow. The hotel's style was very clinical, but the cheeky leopard print throw on he bed made it a little tempting to be naughty...

Harem Kittie by Gary Silver
We spent hours with this concept. Gary had me spinning around and around to catch the veils in motion... I was so dizzy. But then - aha!! I started tassel twirling and quite soon, Gary was dizzy wih the sheer intensity of my helicopter tricks...

Hat Whip by Dave Davies
Patriotic moment! Going in to battle with "The English" armed with a cat o' nine and a mini top-hat. Ohhh yes. Well, it is stylish at least.

Hussy by Doralba Picerno
Doralba and I were just messing about with corsets and things, and we seem to have photographs... strange how these things happen!

Electra And Kittie by Keith Packer
Well, errmmmm... Keith was interesed in some girlie pics, so Electra and I just did as we know how.

Spandex by Dave Simpson
A bit of ropework and a bit of Spandex.... how can it go wrong? ;)

Electra And Kittie 2 by Philip Westwood
You can play "guess that butt" with some of these pics. Just remember that Electra is slightly lighter in skin tone than I am , and I have a little tattoo on my left side. Enjoy!

SS Pussycats by Simon of Peekabou
Whilst at Torture Garden, Electra and I were preparing to perform our "War Time Friller" act - the spanking nazi one.... everyone loves a comedy nazi! If only Hitler had realised his full spanking potential!

Electra Comes To Visit by Randy B. Cockburn
A girlie night in with some rubber. Just lucky that someone was there to take some photos, eh?

Strip Tease Pinup by Keith Packer
Roll on Irving Klaw! Keith managed to get the old skool girl-next-door thang goin' on...

Electrowerks Strip Down by Simon of Peekabou
Paintball zone's always cry out for a girl to wear perspex platforms and a thong. Or maybe that's just the wee boys that shoot their load from behind a pile of tyres. hmmmmmmmm...

Tartan Bondage With Electra by Dave Simpson
A wee bit of tartan, a wee bit of bondage. We weren't going anywhere that day anyway...

En Pointe by Dave Davies
This was the first photo session that I ever did with Dave. I was spontaneously invited to give a public demo and well, needless to say - Dave and I hit it off! Our photographic mojos are well matched indeed, phew!

The Spiritualist by Doralba Picerno
These unusual images were based on the legendary "medium" Florence Cook and her spirit guide Katie King - the deceased daugher of a pirate, who was in life a notorious hussy, thief and liar.... very interesting pair of spooky ladies indeed (as are Doralba and I, hee hee)!

Fandance And Tassels by Becky Randall
Tassel twirling makes for some interesting photographs! Look at those babies bounce! All naural btw....Well, as they say, "if you got it - stick something shiny on it"...

Violate by Matt of Violate
These images were taken at Glasgow's premier Fetish event - Violate posing for these shots quite a kerfuffle with onlookers and the the tabloids! 'nuff said.

Glamour by Dave Davies
These were taken with rather a few onlookers... ;) It was a really sexy shoot for me as it was the first time that Dave and friends saw my naked flesh! hee hee heee.

Wall by Dave Davies

Outside the G-MEX in Manchester - Dave and I had a parade of onlooking Chav's exclaiming "is she gettin' 'em out, like?..." etc.. so very amusing. Again the fabulous Bound2Impress provided cuffs for the occasion! I highly recommend their wares.