Flash Monkey - Feb 24th

I will be performing with the gorgeous Sophie Belle in a brand spanking new act with a Naughty Nautical Theme… Be There!!!!!

Torture Garden - Feb 12th

I’m going to be performing with the Belles of Shoreditch at Torture Garden on Saturday 12th February. It seems that dastardly David TG has arranged to marry off me to another young lady! I’m looking forward to meeting you all there - on my big day ;o)

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A Bit Of Autobiography

Kittie_devilI was born (Kirsty Lucinda Allan) in the early 80’s and grew up in the Glasgow (Scotland) suburbs attending local schools and clubs and was at one point a bona fide teacher’s pet (a regular Lisa Simpson).  However as a child my personal interests were always rather unusual including herpetology- interests such as snake breeding, a fascination with the moon, Germans, the paranormal, the occult, religion and ancient religious practices – especially Ancient Egyptian rites…

Site Credits

There have been so many talented people who have contributed to my galleries.... and to my memoirs! Special Thanks to James Malach for all the 4am web drama required to broadcast my message to all you cyberspace people ;) Many special hugs to John “Lola” Dietrich for all his advice and encouragement…


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Bathroom Bondage With Eve Adeline by Ben Westwood - 82 photos

This was the first time that Eve and I were photographed together. It was also the first time we were tied together too!



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