Vampire Nation

Congratulations to Arlene Russo (Bite Me magazine) who has just had her new book - Vampire Nation, published.

Check out the following interview with the Queen of Vamps herself and spot the Kittie Quote!


Sinergy Models And Model Sanctum

Great news for 2006!  The Sinergy Models team have been merged with the Model Sanctum group to help streamline the industry’s favourite model/photographer networking sites.  Due to the incredibly high standard of work being showcased on Model Sanctum and the increasing traffic flow of both sites, it made sense to pull the two together to help promote the newbies in need of some attention and to make the largest pool of resources available to the well established Sinergy Models, seeking new blood themselves.  We want to emphasise the community aspect of our network, and so for 2006, I’m guessing that with so many talented people on board, Model Sanctum and Sinergy Models will be the most progressive sub-culture grown online! Check out Model Sanctum right away!!!


Oi! Stop Stealing Bits Of Me!!!

ARRRGHHH! Indeed!  Lately, people have been pinching images left, right and centre as well as losing me performance work by association.  The latest occasion of kittie piracy was brought to my attention today – thank you to that individual who took the time to e-mail! Some scumbag is using my image to sell their seedy phone-sex chat lines through a group called NiteFlirt. Thankfully, Niteflirt have been prompt to reply to me on this matter and it is being dealt with.  So if you know of someone using the lousy name ‘Apple Butter Sweets’ - Boycott this philistine in my honour!  Furthermore, I seem to have been appearing on various website, adverts and no less than 3 flyers in 6 weeks - without permission......

ARGHHHHH! The rant goes on however…

I was booked for an event in Greece only to have it reneged upon within hours - as it turns out - after a former co-performer left their venue and headed back to the UK! It turns out that they were so appalled by the standard of performance they had seen from the Burlesque scene (hmmf) that they cancelled my show by association!  ARGH! 


I would greatly appreciate being informed of any more attempts (such is this small sample of cases) by the ignoramuses of the world to destroy or discredit my reputation by associating their dodgy(and/or pervy) business, sub-standard work, dubious events, half-baked ideas and amateur performance with my name and image. 

Please help me out here folks as I have worked so hard on my career and feel that people are trying to take advantage of the little success I have achieved.

Please contact me directly - to report in any more Kittie Krime!

Thanks for your help!


Flirt!!! Come To Nottingham This Sunday For Burlesquerama!

Come to Flirt! at Nottingham's most exclusive venue - the Geisha Bar ( This evening of decadence and burlesque brings you Gwendoline Lamour, Foxy Rouge, Jessie Pie, Tutti Frutti, Paul Zenon, Elvis and DJ Nino of the Lady Luck Club! - oh yes, and me! Flirt at Geisha... Sunday 4th December 2005. Doors open at 7.30, tickets are £25.00 in advance. Eternal Spirits have organised an exclusive Burlesque evening at stunning Nottingham Bar Geisha. For an evening of decadence & debauchery, fun & frolics, tease, caberet, Elvis, comedy and magic. Starring... Gwendoline Lamour, Paul Zenon, Kittie Klaw, This Is Elvis, Jessie Pie, Foxy Rouge, Tutti Frutti, and DJ El Nino. Come and experience all the glamour of real Burlesque and step back in time with table service and a night of elegence. Don't forget... dress to impress! Contact us for more information or if you'd like to order tickets... 0845 234 0197 << BACK

Cancelled Attendance - Nuit Demonia

I am sorry to say that after months of promoting the event - La Nuit Demonia - across our network of websites and agreeing to perform at my own expense, I am withdrawing my attendance after a recent dispute about the limitations of photography and further insults received, i.e. Demonia have denied all knowledge of our existence and claim that we therefore must be “...on too much drugs at Sinergy Media...” to have taken issue with their attitude.

We (my associates at Sinergy Media and Skin Two) have been denied our right to photograph our participation in the event despite being promised the freedom to promote ourselves and services.... 

We have been promoting La Nuit Demonia across our websites, at the Skin Two Expo and by personal recommendation as an act of good faith, for several months now but are sad to find that our efforts and willingness to help have been taken advantage of.

This denial of the usual courtesies appears to have come from the Demonia organiser having felt ‘snubbed’ or something at another event run by Skin Two earlier this year.  It seems that although they did not seek to contact the owner of Skin Two to clarify their position, they simple took the huff and have been quietly holding a grudge ever since. 

This grudge has been extended to Sinergy Media (as we run and so they have left me no choice but to withdraw as a performer and model.  This would have been the second year running in which i gave my services free of charge and at my own travel expense etc.

We had been warned by others regarding the integrity of the organisers, but chose to give the benefit of the doubt.

Ah well!  We have learned!


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Bathroom Bondage With Eve Adeline by Ben Westwood - 82 photos

This was the first time that Eve and I were photographed together. It was also the first time we were tied together too!



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