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After completing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology at The University of Glasgow, I went on to study Parapsychology at the famous Koestler Parapsychology Unit, Edinburgh University to research ESP. My intention of completing a PhD was sadly dissolved after a year long string if unusual events which culminated in the sudden and tragic death of my mentor and friend Prof. Bob Morris. Like all who knew Bob, I loved him to pieces and was devastated when he died last year - but I know that in his own way, he’d be strangely proud of my new career! Over the 5 years of my time at Universities, I researched various Parapsychological topics and have essays and debates ready and waiting for anyone interested in the following topics: The Alien Abduction Experience The Near-Death Experience the Placebo Effect Creativity and Psi Remote Staring Detection Parapsychology and Scienctific Protocol Victorian Spiritualism Extra Sensory Perception

Paranormal Investigator
As a council member for the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, I was party to many investigations into alleged paranormal activity. Most cases, in my humble opinion, warranted a rather mundane explanation, but there are of course some thing that I have yet to explain satisfactorily! Over the years I have had the following “unusual” experiences that I am offering no theory on in particular: A full search light (the kind you would see in use by a helicopter pilot) at midnight with no obvious origin and no accompanying sound. The night was so silent that I could hear the leaves on the trees rustling gently as this brilliant search beam rapidly exposed a forrest metre by metre.... I have been followed by very heavy and loud footsteps which seemed to keep a distance of less than 2 metres behind me. The footsteps seemed to be completely discarnate and when I turned the situation around and tried to chase the footfalls, there was a sudden and loud crash in an adjacent and deserted room, with no obvious cause.... Once upon a time, I saw a ball of brilliant white light flash by a ghost tour guide’s ankles (A lovely gentleman story-teller by the name of Malcom Cadey) and race into a nearby bush in that haunted town of Bath… Furthermore, as I actually saw this event AND managed to notice a companion track the light with his eyes in amazement and then look the other way. He did not appear to have cognitively processed the event! Almost as if his brain decided that he didn’t see anything unusual. He said that he saw nothing until I prompted him to tell me what he had been looking at on the ground, and he suddenly recalled the ball of light and was shocked when I confirmed his experience as more than imagination. It is so interesting how human brains allow us to ignore fantastic events that do not fit with our schemas of the world!

I have heard voices, and I don’t think that this is a reflection upon my mental health! I have had one convincing precognitive experience.... get the tabloids ready - I predicted Diana Princess of Wales’ death. But i’m sure many people did. Another unusual cognitive experience that I think I have had, was when I apprently witnessed(or directed) someone else’s dream! Really weird experience indeed! Like a really vivid dream but with physical sensations and an overwhelming sense of autoscopy. There are a plethora of random things in my personal life, such as my apparent Electromagnetic problem! Ask my webmaster, James and the good folks at Edinburgh University for examples - no parapsychologist has ever had such “bad luck” with equipment! crashhhhh sizzle, flop, sigh. ....most importantly of all, as a child i seemed to have the knack of always throwing sixes during Monopoly which pissed off my brother! Yay! Triumph for the little sister! hmmmm, if only I could develop these apparent abilities and have some sort of faith in their existence.... ;) Anyway, enough about all that spookie jazz! If you have a story to tell or would like a second opinion on something which troubles you, please feel free to e-mail me! 


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Bathroom Bondage With Eve Adeline by Ben Westwood - 82 photos

This was the first time that Eve and I were photographed together. It was also the first time we were tied together too!



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