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Candid Gallery - In Flagrante Burlesque!

See me In Flagrante Burlesque! Photographic evidence of my stage shows...

Photographed by Chris Beaumont on Brighton Beach.

This was taken as I participated in a rather lengthy interview for a Parisian television company who were making a documentary about the Fetish Scene in Paris, and had concentrated on La Nuit Demonia - France's Ultimate Fetish Party.

Hedonism II - I was stripping off to feed the masses lots of sugar!

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Private FanDance! Pic by Randy B. Cockburn.

The Madding Crowds of Glasgow's trendy bars just couldn't get enough of Electra Cute and I as we spanked our way through the masses during an evening of "The Angry German"... a glasgow legend!
David Ayerst Davies took this before we shot for a public demonstration at the 18+ Expo. We met here for the first time and produced some beautifull pieces as the cowds looked on....Full sets from this shoot are available for viewing in my members gallery.

Pole Dancin' Nazi anyone? They should have stuck to the arts. Pic by Hans Juergen.

The Xmas Elf... Torture Garden's Xmas do gave me the opportunity to meet Amrita for the first time and be an elf in distress!! Thanks for setting this one up David!
Another shot from The Ministry Of Burlesque's Big Brighton Break! Ahhh the memories!

Modelling for HW Designs as part of a stage show involving the gorgeous Sandra, Tina and Japanese Shibari Mistress Amrita!

Did I mention that I LOVE snakes? Nick Hawkes took this snap whilst I was playing with Ken Smith's albino python.

Ready to pounce! Colin Mantock captured this shot at Club Vixen.

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