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Film, TV And Radio

Throughout my career I have worked as a television presenter; specialist advisor to various production companies; an actress; and of course - PinUp, Performer and Paranormal Investigator!

Here are some examples of my oeuvre, showing my range of abilities in addition to my photographic and written pieces: p>Television
- Text2Date; Presenter.©
- Babe Station; Presenter.
- XXX Television; Fetish Advisor.
- Channel 4; 'Come Dine with Me'. Striptease Act- BBC Scotland; 'The Psychic Detectives' X-S series; Feb 2004.
- Geigen Rakugo Force; comedy sketch show pilot.
- Discovery Channel; Canada. ESP experimenter.
- Channel 4; "Ban This Filth". Striptease Act.
- Foreign Television; Various Interviews given for Events coverage.

- The Fred MacAulay Show. BBC Radio Scotland.
- The Gary Robertson Show. BBC Radio Scotland

Courtesan Mag
Presenting the world of fetish in a fun and informative way, check out my regular column.

Dragging fetish from the dungeon to the desktop, SinForums is the place where the fetish glitterati hang out.

Recently relaunched, SkinTwo Online is the worlds most popular latex and leather publication.

Torture Garden
The worlds most famous fetish club nights - anything goes!