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Mayfair Feature

Wooo Hooooo - the latest edition of Mayfair (August) has a two page interview with me which i am pleased with - they haven’t minced my words like most magazines!  We cover various aspects of Burlesque and fetish in the dialogue and there are several pictures by Gary Silver and Dave Davies to be added to the scrap book!  ;)


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Members' Updates!

I have just updated the members galleries with another 7 sets (thats about 200 images). There are 3 sets by John Dietrich that involve incredible domme, vampyre and corporal punishment shots.  I have also uploaded 4 shoots by Peter Czernich of Marquis magazine that feature amazing latex garments by Fraulein Ehrhardt, art work from The Erotic Museum in Hamburg and back stage mirror images. The freaky dummy in the “Latex Lapdance” set was what started off the chain of spooky happenings that occurd in the museum - it’s eyes moved twice and a discarnate male voice was heard near it.... unfortunately, i didn’t quite catch what it said.  Ah, well - next time.

Ich Bin Ein Hamburger (mmmmveggieburger)

Well, I am back from Hamburg and have some fantastic new photsets by Peter Czernich himself.  The lovely Fraulein Ehrhardt made the most gorgeous rubber garments for me and i got to know her fabulous self and the exceptionally talented, Thomas Rusch.  Pics coming soon… In other news, my gorgeous friend Morrigan Hel and I adorned Velda Lauder’s latest creations for Marquis Magazine.  I performed for the crowd wearing nada but lovely, shiny Bo’s Tit Bits… A success all round - especially since the Erotic Museum was seemingly haunted!!!!!


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Bathroom Bondage With Eve Adeline by Ben Westwood - 82 photos

This was the first time that Eve and I were photographed together. It was also the first time we were tied together too!



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