Cancelled Attendance - Nuit Demonia

I am sorry to say that after months of promoting the event - La Nuit Demonia - across our network of websites and agreeing to perform at my own expense, I am withdrawing my attendance after a recent dispute about the limitations imposed and ensuing insults received. We (my associates at Sinergy Media and Skin Two) have been denied our right to photograph our participation in the event despite being promised the freedom to promote ourselves and services.... 

Vampire Nation

Congratulations to Arlene Russo (Bite Me magazine) who has just had her new book - Vampire Nation, published.

Check out the following interview with the Queen of Vamps herself and spot the Kittie Quote!

Agent Kittie In Russia!

I have just returned from Moscow where I was perfroming for two nights at Club XIII - Russia’s only Burlesque night!  It is a fantastic club with great people and located in an awsome city.  Thanks to Better Chemistry for arranging my trip and thanks to Club XIII for being such fabulous hosts.  My espionage act was well recieved, along with my en pointe piece and an impromptu David Lynch style dance with local dwarf - Vladimir.  The Russian press had much to say about me, which was nice but also confusing as although I am “woman absolutely fantstic” I apparently ask the people of Russia - “Who killed Laura Palmer?”.

Answer’s on a postacrd please....

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Oi! Stop Stealing Bits Of Me!!!

ARRRGHHH! Indeed!  Lately, people have been pinching images left, right and centre as well as losing me performance work by association.  The latest occasion of kittie piracy was brought to my attention today – thank you to that individual who took the time to e-mail! Some scumbag is using my image to sell their seedy phone-sex chat lines through a group called NiteFlirt. Thankfully, Niteflirt have been prompt to reply to me on this matter and it is being dealt with.  So if you know of someone using the lousy name ‘Apple Butter Sweets’ - Boycott this philistine in my honour! more...

Flirt!!! Come To Nottingham This Sunday For Burlesquerama! Come to Flirt! at Nottingham's most exclusive venue - the Geisha Bar ( This evening of decadence and burlesque brings you Gwendoline Lamour, Foxy Rouge, Jessie Pie, Tutti Frutti, Paul Zenon, Elvis and DJ Nino of the Lady Luck Club! - oh yes, and me! Flirt at Geisha! read on...


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Bathroom Bondage With Eve Adeline by Ben Westwood - 82 photos

This was the first time that Eve and I were photographed together. It was also the first time we were tied together too!



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