The Placebo Effect. Mind - The Resident Physician?

Essay - The nature of the Placebo effect and its plausible explanations are examined- specifically the classical conditioning and endorphin based theories…

Alien Abduction Experience The Alien Abduction Experience Science Fiction Or Science Farce?

Essay - The phenomenon of the Alien Abduction Experience (AAE) is a prevailing, world wide issue that has proposed many problems for the scientific community in terms of establishing a parsimonious explanation…

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Spookie Kittie

I have experienced many strange things over my time as a Paranormal Investigator, parasychology student and reader of all things occult and mystical. Read here to find out more about my personal experiences or peruse the essays and papers below for areas of scientific inquiry…

Essay: The Near-death Experience. All In The Head?

The key features and stages involved in the Near-Death Experience (NDE) are discussed and current research is examined in terms of modern psychology and physiology, in an attempt to find a causative explanation…


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Bathroom Bondage With Eve Adeline by Ben Westwood - 82 photos

This was the first time that Eve and I were photographed together. It was also the first time we were tied together too!



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