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I regularly appear on a plethora of web domains and have appeared time and time again in many magazines, newspapers, and e-bulletins spanning the world of Burlesque, Erotica and Fashion. My work is regularly on display at expos and exhibitions. Here are some examples: ©

- John Dietrich’s work in Print and on line
- Courtesan Magazine

Magazine Covers
- Bite Me - 2001, photograph by Ritchard Cantwell
- Bite Me - 2004, photograph by R. B. Cockburn

Magazine Features, Exclusives, Interviews and Spreads
- Bite Me Magazine
- Desire Magazine
- The Erotic Review
- H&E Magazine
- Penthouse UK
- Skin Two Magazine

- MUSE, Fine Art. The art of Ray Leaning. (2004)

- “The Sexy Vamp” subject of “Sex and the Dark City” exhibition - the work of Mauro Marlon Beretta; Italian Cultural Centre, Milan.
- The Guild of Erotic Artists, EROTICA, SKIN TWO Expo.

Written Publications
- Erotic Review. “Coming out of the closet – Victorian Spiritualism and the Vaudeville Striptease”, 2004.
- Erotic Review. “Queen Hatshepsut, King of the Nile”, 2004.

Courtesan Mag
Presenting the world of fetish in a fun and informative way, check out my regular column.

Dragging fetish from the dungeon to the desktop, SinForums is the place where the fetish glitterati hang out.

Recently relaunched, SkinTwo Online is the worlds most popular latex and leather publication.

Torture Garden
The worlds most famous fetish club nights - anything goes!