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A Bit Of Autobiography
I was born (Kirsty Lucinda Allan) in the early 80's and grew up in the Glasgow (Scotland) suburbs attending local schools and clubs and was at one point a bona fide teacher's pet ( a regular Lisa Simpson). However as a child my personal interests were always rather unusual including herpetology- interests such as snake breeding, a fascination with the moon, Germans, the paranormal, the occult, religion and ancient religious practices especially Ancient Egyptian rites. read more...

Here are the links for some fun and interesting people that I have worked with and others who make me laugh!!! read more...

Kittie's Profile
My quick measurements are 32-22-32, but I know that you want to find out a little bit more ;o). read more...

I regularly appear on a plethora of web domains and have appeared time and time again in many magazines, newspapers, and e-bulletins spanning the world of Burlesque, Erotica and Fashion. My work is regularly on display at expos and exhibitions. read more...

Kittie's Reviews
The SUN said that I was a "a slow-burning retro striptease act." and I got called "phreaky" at Hedonism 2! Read what else people have said about me here. read more...

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Courtesan Mag
Presenting the world of fetish in a fun and informative way, check out my regular column.

Dragging fetish from the dungeon to the desktop, SinForums is the place where the fetish glitterati hang out.

Recently relaunched, SkinTwo Online is the worlds most popular latex and leather publication.

Torture Garden
The worlds most famous fetish club nights - anything goes!