Spread in Scarlet Magazine
Get your hands on a copy if the latest Scarlet Magazine, beacsue..... little moi, has a rather large feature as a Little Beau Peep character! - An alternative Fairy Tale... as it is put, very cheeky!! Quite possibly the cutsiest pictures ever created of me - ringlets and pink bow, pink cheeks, gingham and all! www.scarletmagazine.co.uk

Oasis Video
I was filming all day (17 hours!) on 18th for the New Oasis music video..... still have a headache! Anyhoo, it was fun to mince around as per usual, in rubber and then as a blonde SS-type chick. Liam was such a sweetie! A thoroughly charming gentleman indeed! (Liam -If you are reading this, do get in touch! I will buy you that coffee! ;) ). The whole production team were great - really easy going and friendly. Yay!!

New Galleries
Hi folks, I will be adding some new pics by Randy B. Cockburn and a few other artistes but haven't decide on who yet!!! So at some point over the weekend there will be lots of new stuff including video too (hopfefully!) for the Club members.....

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