The Placebo Effect
Mind - The Resident Physician?

Abstract: The nature of the Placebo effect and its plausible explanations are examined- specifically the classical conditioning and endorphin based theories. The methods and administration of placebos is considered along with the contexts in which placebo effects occur. The roles of the patient and doctors are assessed with particular reference to the influence of expectancy. The implications of an internal mind-based healing system and its potential applications are discussed. read more...

Alien Abduction Experience
The Alien Abduction Experience
Science Fiction or Science Farce?

The phenomenon of the Alien Abduction Experience (AAE) is a prevailing, world wide issue that has proposed many problems for the scientific community in terms of establishing a parsimonious explanation. The interest for psychologists lies in its profound affect on individuals who report AAE and the implications that may have on the existing cultural tenets of the Western world view. The aetiology of the alien abduction experience is examined in relation to current theories; psychopathology, personality, psychodynamics, electromagnetism, hoaxes, false-memory syndrome (suggestibility, hypnotisability, fantasy proneness), and sleep disorders, in specific sleep paralysis. Subjects who have reported being victims of Alien Abduction(s) will hither to be referred to as experiencers (so as not to presume an actual alien abduction has taken place nor to imply deliberate deception on their part).

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